The Alliance of American Biomedical Scholars (“the Alliance”) exists to promote the professional advancement of academic scientists in the U.S. conducting biomedical and many subtypes of biological research.

In addition to collating and distributing information related to policies and practices that impact academic biomedical scientists, one of the major functions of the Alliance is to bestow prizes and awards that recognize meritorious science and meritorious scientists.

Academic scientists at all career levels benefit from being able to demonstrate recognition in their field. This is important when submitting grant applications (prizes and awards are listed as Honors in the NIH Biosketch) and when approaching promotion evaluation. Junior faculty in particular are more favorably evaluated at mid-probation review and in tenure review when they are able to demonstrate peer recognition.



Investigators eligible for Alliance prizes and awards

Tenured or tenure-track (or organizational equivalent) faculty at accredited U.S. academic institutions or non-profit research organizations. Generally, eligible investigators will have an email address that uses the .edu or .org extension. Scientists at for-profit companies or who are employed by government agencies at any level (including but not limited to NIH) are not currently eligible. Faculty who do not have a tenure or tenure-track position (e.g., research track, instructor) are also not currently eligible. Similarly, investigators with only adjunct or affiliate relationships with universities are not currently eligible. Clinicians are eligible if their institutional affiliation and position meet the description above and they engage in research. An investigator is allowed to receive only one Alliance award per year. Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to


Disciplines eligible for Alliance prizes and awards

Any discipline that could reasonably be funded by the NIH. The application page requests applicants to identify the standing NIH study sections (peer review panels) that are appropriate for their area of research, and prospective applicants are encouraged to review the research scope of these panels to determine if their area of research fits these categories. Identification of an appropriate NIH study section will generally satisfy the discipline criteria for Alliance award eligibility. As noted also in the application page, the Alliance has no relationship with NIH, the use of these NIH designations is for classification purposes only. It is not necessary for an applicant to hold or to have ever applied for an NIH grant in order to be eligible for an Alliance award. Clinical research is appropriate.


Application fee

There is a $200 non-refundable application fee that is used to support Alliance award administration expenses, including review of applications. Payment may be made with any valid credit card, whether personal or institutional. It is not possible for the Alliance to accept a purchase order. A payment receipt will be sent by email upon acceptance. Please check with your institutional administration to determine if this fee is reimbursable from lab or institutional accounts.